A complete emotional film on a middle class person, who lost his job during pandemic and with no option left joined as a delivery boy to meet his daily needs.

Also shown the life as a delivery boy who struggle a lot to meet his daily targets, risking his life to meet the delivery time , complaints from the customers.

Overall, the movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. While some praised Kapil Sharma's performance and the movie's attempt to tackle a serious subject in a lighthearted manner

Zwigato is a great movie on life of delivery boys. They played a vital role during the pandemic by delivering goods,services to our homes, workplaces are highly appreciated. Let's continue to support by treating them with respect...

Most interconnected and one of the most sensitive issue of our country in the critical pandemic phases which was suffered by our delivery boys are clearly executed in the film and it is also much relatable to all the middle cast families and the main earner at that critical time

Story, screenplay, dialogue delivery, is also beautiful. It has all the elements which connects with the reality of the delivery boy. Fantastic.