MC Stan, A Rising star in Bollywood and a rapper fro India

He just won around 32 lakhs for Big boss season this year and got a brand new luxury car

He celebrated his victory with his 8.8 millions fans on Instagram also.

He wrote on twitter also -

"WE CREATED HISTORY. STAYED REAL THROUGHOUT, REPPED HIPHOP ON NATIONAL TV. Ammi ka Sapna poora hogaya and trophy P-town aagayi! Jis jis ne pyaar dikhaya sabko Haq hai, ending tak Stan."

He grew up in slum area of Pune, and now he is an ideal youngster for youth, an inspiration for young ones so they can dream like him

His name is Altaf tadavi and He was born on 30 august 1999, and today he made history with Salman khan.

His father is in Pune police service & his father was against when started his carrer in Rapping,