Hanuman Jayanti, also known as Hanuman Janmotsav, is an important Hindu festival celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman

1. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which usually falls in March or April according to the Gregorian calendar.

2. Lord Hanuman is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is revered by Hindus for his strength, courage, and devotion to Lord Rama..

3. The festival is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm across India, with people visiting Hanuman temples, performing pujas, and offering prayers to Lord Hanuman

4. Devotees observe a fast on this day and chant Hanuman Chalisa, a hymn in praise of Lord Hanuman, throughout the day.

5. Some devotees also perform a special puja called the Hanuman Jayanti Pooja, which involves offering flowers, fruits, and sweets to Lord Hanuman.

6. Hanuman Jayanti is also celebrated with processions, where devotees carry a statue or an image of Lord Hanuman and chant hymns and devotional songs.

7.  In some regions of India, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated for nine days, with devotees reading the Ramayana, performing havans, and organizing community feasts.

10. The festival is an occasion for devotees to seek blessings and strength from Lord Hanuman, and to renew their commitment to serving and worshiping him.